To produce unique customer experiences, we need information. Once we identify the factors that make your company, your products and your services special, we can communicate it – through marketing activities that create demand and accelerate your business.

To ensure that the marketing materials pick the interest of your customers, we delve into your clientele and the challenges they face, the information they desire. Then we develop a killer idea, create poignant messages and conjure up a visual form that is sure to stand out. This is how we approach campaign planning as well as individual marketing activities.

We are Avalon – a marketing agency specialised in producing unique customer experiences. We combine customer understanding, insightful ideas and distinctive brand stories into measurable results.

What we do

1. The foundation of marketing communication

We crystalize the distinctiveness factors of your company, messages, brand story and create a tone of voice and look and feel for your organisation and brands.

2. Content marketing strategy

The more premeditated the content marketing is, the better it supports the choices you have made to boost your business. We create room for inspiration throughout own, earned and bought media.

3. The planning and production of marketing materials

We still do what traditional ad agencies do. Avalon delivers high quality campaign planning, graphic designing and package designing.

 4. Social engagement, analytics and reporting

Are you aware what thoughts your company or brands awake? With the tools of Social engagement you uncover the perception people have on your company.

Avalon on a sand box with around twenty professionals building sand castles. One draws, one writes code, the third does editing. Some enrich information, some interpret strategies and (the rest) write copy. But what’s common to us all is the ability to break these comfort zones.

A member of ICOM network

When it’s time to shift focus on growth beyond the borders of Finland, we harness the expertise of ICOM, the world’s largest network of independent agencies, of which we are the sole representative in Finland.


Contact us

Our main offices are located in Helsinki and Oulu, but basically we’re available nationwide. Call us or send me an e-mail.

Pete Laakso, CEO

+358 400 863 007