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Customer Experience. Reimagined.

Customer Experience is the key currency of the digitalized world.
Invest wisely.

We are your strategic Design and Marketing partner


Our unique and iterative CX process develops Design, Tech, and Marketing strategies simultaneously from the same insights and research. We create Marketing Foundations, Brand Identities, Brand Strategies, Media Strategies, and Design Roadmaps.

Our shared strategy and process offers a quicker and cost efficient solution for actions needed in any development and marketing stage. 


Through our human-centered methodologies we collaborate across different medias, channels and customer touch points to bring Service, Interaction, Product, and UX Design along with Marketing Content, Planning, and Production - all with a full service mindset. 

We partner with our clients to bring customer’s needs to the forefront of the design and marketing of products and services.


Our iterative “Design and Marketing as a Sevice” - model guarantees your customer experience is focused upon continuous improvement. Targets and Metrics such as KPIs and OKRs will always be in alignment with your CX objectives and will reach your targeted goals. 

We execute the best media mix, channels, designs and touchpoints to drive business and foster innovation.


Contact Avalon CX

Ilpo Niva
CEO & Partner
+1 408 797-7964

Sasheen Andregg
Vice President, Partner
Design Operations
+1 650 384 5800