Case 3 Step IT

CASE: 3stepIT

High-quality leads, customer engagement and increase in brand awareness

Avalon and 3stepIT formed a partnership in the autumn of 2018. The focus of this partnership is to integrate all marketing and communications activities aimed at the Finnish and Baltic markets into one efficient solution for this pioneer of smart circular economy.

Case 3 Step IT - Campaign

Starting point and objectives

The collaboration was kicked off by a crystallisation of 3stepIT’s marketing message. Several workshops were held over the autumn. Each of them helped build a comprehensive marketing and communications strategy.

Our objectives for 2019 are to build a smart, comprehensive operating model, ensure continuous content production and streamline digital processes into an efficient marketing programme that utilises automation.



To succeed, we need to simultaneously invest in building brand awareness and reputation as well as continuously inventing and executing high-quality activities that engage customers and enrich their experience. We know we have succeeded when our efforts result in a steady stream of high-quality, sales-ready leads and new, relevant contacts.

To ensure effortless execution of our strategic partnership, it is vital that we develop and optimise a shared operational model. The model ensures seamless collaboration between Avalon's content production team and 3stepIT Finland's marketing team in executing the outsourced content planning and production.  



In January 2019, we launched the first content marketing campaigns produced by Avalon, utilising automation and segmentation. The campaigns  feature elements such as interactive infographics, reference videos and webinars. The campaign messages have been tailored for private and public sector clients. Additionally, an even more precisely targeted account-based marketing campaign has been created for a strategically important key customer. 

As part of the partnership, Avalon has undertaken the management of 3stepIT's digital advertising and social media. Now, there is a unified and active digital presence across all the channels. The purpose is to support the campaigns, create a strong inbound channel and help engage and activate the existing community.

We have been actively building thought leadership and reputation by active blogging, arranging webinars and invitation-only events, which we have planned and helped to produce presentations. In all content production, our aim is to convert direct B2B messages into captivating stories that provoke thoughts and feelings. During the spring of 2019, we have produced three customer case videos and one traditional case presentation, all of which work towards building 3stepIT's reputation and spreading awareness. 

The aim is for the activities and campaigns currently in progress to pave way for effective utilisation of marketing automation and digital channels in the coming years. The end goal is an intelligent, continuous and streamlined process that produces useful data and warm, sales-ready leads to the 3stepIT sales team from among existing customers as well as by gaining new contacts and warming them up.

case 3 step it - webpages


Thus far, the most noteworthy achievements of our partnership are the monthly marketing campaigns carried out during the spring of 2019. They have brought excellent results and increased brand awareness of 3stepIT.

We have also completed a website redesign that was initiated by the Group, while the content was locally adapted and optimised for search engines. Avalon also worked on the site's look and feel as well as its imagery.

Leads created by the campaigns, the follower count of social media accounts and the visitor count of the website have all significantly increased. In addition, the number of customer and media contacts coming from other marketing and communications activities has been a pleasant surprise.

"Avalon was a familiar business partner for me from years ago. And, even though it took a lot of effort to get things rolling, I knew I could count on Pete and his team. 

They have a solid grasp on modern marketing, and for us outsourced content creation is one of the most significant advantages.

With the help of Avalon, 3stepIT’s Finnish marketing has bloomed to a new level. I am really happy with our results thus far.

In the light of our overall plan, we have only just got started. However, a strong brand, clear plan and efficient collaboration will guarantee that we will succeed!”

Kati Lindholm, Marketing Director, 3stepIT Oy


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The cornerstones of the relationship between 3 Step IT and Avalon are a thriving partnership, strategic content production and the streamlining of digital processes to an efficient marketing programme utilising automation.



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