Case: Autumn at Antell

Colourful, playful and joyful autumnal marketing campaigns!

The autumn of 2019 was eventful for our long-standing customer Antell, as we rolled out a new delicious marketing campaign each month. This included colourful and playful themes ranging from cinnamon buns to Greece.

Premise and goals

We decided to create distinct visuals for each campaign theme, while remaining true to the Antell brand.

We also wanted to engage and activate Antell’s existing customers in social media with campaigns that included prize draws, polls and all sorts of fun to brighten up the autumn. The main goal was to increase the number of followers to Antell’s social media accounts, to spread awareness about the theme weeks and to enforce the image of Antell as a diversified restauranteur.    


Implementation and solutions

Avalon was responsible for the campaign concepts, creative design, production of print and digital marketing materials as well as the management of the social media accounts.

In August, to kick things off, we had a month-long breakfast promotion campaign. Its aim was to make customers aware of the tasty breakfast menu and to boost sales. Promotional activities included showy point-of-sale materials for the restaurants, social media activations and prize draws in Facebook and Instagram.



September was dedicated to food waste week. A website article discussed ways in which Antell reduces food waste while POS materials and a social media campaign featured an infographic to inspire customers to pay attention to reducing food waste at home. The campaign was visible in Antell’s social media accounts for the entire month.   


Cinnamon bun day starts October off by wafting the scent of freshly baked goods into homes and offices. The delicious buns also adorned cute and colorful posters in Antell restaurants.



At the end of October, the focus shifted to Fair Trade week, during which we showcased fair trade products used by Antell in diverse point of sale and social media materials.


Casting light into November darkness was Greek week, combining Greek flavours with eye-catching Greek-style visuals, which held pride of place in Antell restaurants.


As the crowning glory of the autumn season is Christmas, it deserved a campaign all its own. The campaign was built around the idea of bringing a self-made Christmas to each and every home, by means of collaboration with the Hope charity organisation.

On the campaign's Christmassy landing page viewers could watch a warm-hearted animation and learn about different ways to make a charitable donation. The six-week social media campaign and promotional materials used in restaurants encouraged people to spread Christmas spirit around – and to sample some Christmas treats.


HubSpot Video


The campaigns reached hundreds of thousands of viewers and helped increase the number of followers to Antell's Facebook page by a thousand.
The Christmas campaign in itself helped Antell raise a 2,000€ donation for Hope.

The campaigns received a lot of attention. We were able to transform the image of the workplace restaurants from canteens to cozy lunch restaurants. The joy and playfulness of our campaigns really addressed our customers.”

– Minna Lindh, Marketing Project Manager, Antell