Towards heroic stories of financial administration!

The financial administration sector is going through a time of big changes, where electronic financial administration softwares play a key role. Manual work is taking a backseat and the roles of financial administration professionals have changed. A financial administration professional has become an expert and a visionary who needs functional and easy-to-use financial administration softwares to perform their daily tasks.

In the midst of all this, Avalon in cooperation with Heeros started to develop the company’s brand, enhance the conspicuousness of their software family and make the users of Heeros true heroes of financial administration.


Premise and goals

The cooperation between Avalon and Heeros, which has grown into a partnership, initially started a few years ago when Heeros wanted to clarify its brand message and refresh its visual look. From there, the cooperation progressed from websites and comprehensive marketing planning all the way to planning events and eventually, to a full strategic partnership.

The main goal was to stand out in fierce competition and stake its claim as a humane service provider. One of the biggest objectives was to support customers at a time of an upheaval shaking the whole financial administration sector, where the roles and working methods are constantly changing.




The premise of the strategic marketing plan was the way Heeros helps, enhances and eases its customers daily operations. The company's desire to join its customers on their path to change was identified as their strategic cornerstone. Heeros’ aim to turn their customers into the heroes of financial administration was defined as their mission.

For the brand, this meant that Heeros would be built to represent a more humane, sympathetic partner who diversifies with its pioneering technologies, outstanding customer service and an attitude committed to developing customers’ businesses.


Implementation and solutions

The work with Avalon started with a message clarification process, which dove deep into Heeros’ brand objectives, background, market position and competitors. The message clarification included a new customer promise, tone of voice and outlines for a new visual look.

As the groundwork was done, Avalon built a comprehensive marketing plan, which included a fresh look for the website, as well as monthly specified channel-specific implementations, both in electronic channels and traditional media as well as events.





The partnership model of Avalon and Heeros has worked well and the cooperation has been smooth and nice. A new, identifiable visual look and Heeros’ new tone of voice are now in everyday use and the brand has been developing further as planned. The greatest thing to see has been real customer engagement and their reaction to Heeros’ brand work: customers have really started to implement the idea of making themselves the real heroes of financial administration.

Avalon’s mantra of combining emotion, technology and results works well in practice. When Heeros showed that it really cares about its customers’ wellbeing and harnessed the true potential of marketing automation side by side with traditional marketing, exceptional results followed.



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