That good energy – Pohjoista voimaa!

Oulun Energia Oy renewed its electricity products for consumers and ordered a new marketing concept and launch campaign from Avalon to introduce them to the public. As a result, the spark of enthusiasm found in all of us, Pohjoista Voimaa – “Northern power”, is presented via several characters doing what they feel passionate about.   


Premise and goals

The goal was to launch Oulun Energia's new consumer products to the consumers nationwide. Oulun Energia had already come up with six different buyer personas that were finally refined into the embodiments of electricity products. The working title of the campaign was “Pohjoista voimaa - Northern power for all of us”. 

Campaign goals: 
The launch of new products 
Securing new customers and increasing Oulun Energia's market share 
Improving the retaining of current customers 


In the end, as channels, we decided to focus on Oulun Energia’s own digital channels, social media and Google. We created separate landing pages for electricity products at 


Implementation and solutions

 The creative idea of “That good energy – Pohjoista voimaa ” describes the spark of enthusiasm found in all of us manifest in a person engaged in a dear hobby or some other passion.  


When you have "northern power", you can knit for yourself  
a scarf three kilometres long. 
Or run a marathon on an artificial limb. 
Or learn all of your city’s street names by heart. 
Or build yourself a career in the NHL.
Or eat a hundred kilos of Finnish Easter pudding. 

When you have "northern power", you can be yourself and live life to the fullest! 


We created a dedicated product video for each electricity product, showing people doing what they love, finding fulfilment.  



The campaign website got a lot of visitors, especially via advertising on Google. According to Oulun Energia, the campaign has done well to activate their customers. Thanks to the campaign, the company has received a significant number of new offer and call-back requests as well as customers signing electricity contracts.


“The backdrop of the campaign was our electricity contract product reform that we had implemented earlier. We wanted to make both current and new customers aware of our new products. For me, the collaboration succeeded in highlighting the customer profiles in as mundane a thing as an electricity contract. The videos and characters aptly describe the typical customer profile of each product and help both our customers and staff to buy and sell Finland’s easiest electricity contract tailor-made for the purpose. Based on the characters, we have also created materials and product cards for internal use that help us with our daily work, be it customer service, sales or marketing,” explains Marika Ilmola, Head of Marketing from Oulun Energia.


And the campaign doesn’t end here, as the new That good energy – Pohjoista voimaa concept we have now developed will be an ongoing marketing tool for Oulun Energia. The videos and characters implemented for the campaign can be used in the future according to the marketing calendar, and the concept is flexible enough to be adopted to future marketing campaigns.

Avalon has worked as the marketing partner of the Oulun Energia Group for several years already. In addition to campaigns, we have been given the opportunity to create several annual reports as well as various visibility implementations.


Oulun Energia renewed its range of consumer electricity products. Avalon created a successful marketing concept and launch campaign to support it.



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