Brand renewal and foundations for marketing

Brand renewal project laid the foundations for a new era at Pölkky. Sustainability and partnership thinking is visible in everything Pölkky and Avalon create together: the messages, the visuals, the choices and the cooperation model.

Premise and goals

Based in Kuusamo, Pölkky is a family-owned company with strong roots. The company’s history expands over 50 years, and it has established itself firmly into Finnish forest industry and the international market for high-quality sawn timber. The marketing partnership with Avalon started in earnest in October 2020.

Pölkky has grown and developed organically over the years, expanding through acquisitions and investments. A determined new growth strategy brought up a desire to also renew the company visibly.  

In the past, marketing had been managed partly independently, partly with different partners, including Avalon. The brand had been updated in increments, but it was now time for a more comprehensive renewal that would enhance Pölkky's capabilities for global market growth.

Implementation and solutions

The brand renewal started with the mapping of the competitor landscape and the company’s key customers. We then helped define a target profile for the company and to identify the features that are unique to Pölkky. These led to the formulation of the new brand promise and key messages. At this stage, we begun creating the new visual identity.


Brand renewal is always an iterative process and Pölkky’s leadership team played a significant role in providing background information on the competitive situation and the company history as well as in influencing the new approach.


We updated the logo and applied the new visual style on to the company website and other channels. The launch of the refreshed brand took place in the spring of 2021 and at its heart was a video that tells the brand story in the words of Pölkky CEO.


We have also negun a comprehensive assessment of the digital channels and tools Pölkky uses as well as their overall marketing needs. We created an ever-evolving internal tactics workbook for Pölkky that introduces the new brand and guides everyone within Pölkky, the timber procurement and sales units as well as customer service and product development representatives, towards a unified operating model.


We have also created a marketing strategy and annual plan for Pölkky, as well as several campaign approaches. Examples of ongoing projects include social media management and search engine optimization, as well as the development of analytics, customer data management and marketing automation, and the implementation of customer satisfaction surveys and interviews



At its best, a partnership model is a close-knit collaboration. Avalon's team has slowly developed into a part of Pölkky. The brand renewal, and especially the launch video, received a tremendous amount of positive feedback from Pölkky’s staff and other stakeholders for the way it captured the essence of Pölkky.

Customer's quote

"Our material needs are diverse and continuous, from website updates, sales support and promotion materials to newspaper advertisements and social media marketing.

The new brand and marketing materials, as well as continuous communication to different target groups, all support Pölkky's growth goals. At the same time, they help us build a positive employer image of a responsible and reliable operator who is modern in its thinking and operations and whose eyes are far in the horizon.

Several campaign ideas and parallel development projects keep our joint marketing team active for a long time," says the director of brand and marketing communications Maria Virranniemi.



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