The success story of Spectral Engines, a growth company established in 2014 that produces material identification technologies, got into a flying start when soon after its foundation, the company began to win global awards.

Regardless, in order to build on its early success, the company required a strong brand as well as a new way of marketing and reaching its target groups. The comprehensive partnership with Avalon started in 2017 with the clarification of Spectral Engines’ brand message.


Premise and goals

Spectral Engines wanted to clarify its brand, establish a strong corporate identity and give its website a complete makeover. As a fresh growth company, Spectral Engines was looking for a clear, visually stunning and informative website where both products and services would be easy to find.

The goal was to use the new visual look and tone of voice to also remodel the company’s entire external communications, starting with presentation materials and business cards, and to activate social media to support business goals and the company’s growth that had started with a bang.



The main strategic objective was to improve the company’s recognition among a wider target audience on a global scale, create a recognisable, modern and lasting brand image and lay a solid foundation for content marketing. To support these objectives, we also started to build a content marketing strategy as well as a foundation for a social media strategy.



Implementation and solutions

We started the brand-building with a message-clarification workshop. On the basis of the background mapping carried out during the workshop, we created a new slogan and customer promise for Spectral Engines, as well as clear service and product areas and target groups. In addition to the website, the creative concept and new visual look that emerged from the workshop were also strongly represented in social media as well as all of the produced materials, such as trade fairs stalls, product leaflets, presentations and the new logo.

An automation platform that was best suited to Spectral Engines’ requirements was chosen as a key part of the automated, smooth, content marketing package. With the help of the platform and social media campaigning, we began to implement the first automation campaigns. At the same time, we started the production of newsletters and webinars.

To support the brand building and the new corporate image, based on the company’s new tone of voice, we also started text design and content production in English, including press releases, articles, blog posts, whitepapers, etc.

HubSpot Video


At the core of the brand work and content marketing is the fully revamped website, which has received praise on a global scale from competitors and customers alike.

As the result of successful campaigns, there has been a steady growth in recognition, the number of visitors on the website and the number of leads.

Our ongoing cooperation and close partnership are aimed at making the strategy sharper and increasing business in the future so that Spectral Engines will grow into the largest and best-known brand and idea-leader in its field, providing first-grade products and technologies as well as interesting content to those interested in the sector.

“Thanks to our cooperation, we have reached several milestones as a brand. Avalon has helped turn us into a global success story.”

Janne Suhonen, CCO, Spectral Engines


“We and Avalon share a deep understanding of what we want to do and achieve. Our close way of working together as a team lays an excellent foundation for brand work. We are over the moon about Avalon’s creative ideas and how they always seem to know exactly what we want and understand our difficult industry so well.”

Heidi Berglund, Marketing Specialist, Spectral Engines

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Buzz and fuss and the joy of a freefall! A successful launch paved the way for growing user streams and created a solid base for marketing the growing business. 


Spectral Engines

The international story of Spectral Engines got off to a flying start when Avalon built a strong brand and a new way to market and reach target groups to support the success of the growth company.