We are part of the ICOM Network, the largest and most comprehensive cooperation network of independent marketing agencies in the world.  

If your organisation is planning to go global, our network is an unbeatable resource for expanding your operations. ICOM is a channel that enables us to provide better services and create global teams. 

At the core of ICOM is open exchange of information with like-minded agencies. It brings people from around the world closer to brands by combining creative thinking from the four corners of the world. In everyday life, the ICOM cooperation manifests in active exchange of information and increased understanding of customers. ICOM enables our team to seamlessly work across borders, and helps to take into consideration linguistic and cultural nuances to meet all of our customers’ needs. 

The ICOM network comprises 80 independent advertising agencies operating in more than 60 countries, covering 95 % of the world’s market areas. Avalon is the only representative of the ICOM network in Finland.