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Avalon - Big A - Yellow

We accelerate customer-
orientation in business

Avalon is a visionary of delightful customer experiences, a creative business sparring partner, and implementer of smart digital solutions. We have in-depth understanding of design, marketing and advanced technology.

technology & impact

The story of Avalon began in Kemi in 1994. As a marketing agency it was known for strong technological know-how, customer focus and effective creative design.

In 2022 Avalon became part of Digia, an internationally operating listed software and IT service company.

yet casual

Today, we are a group of 40 professionals in business consulting, design, and marketing.

We’re fuelled by courage, curiosity. Our northern roots still show in our relaxed manner, upright actions and avoidance of superfluous hype.

Cavonius Päivi

Päivi Cavonius

Senior Designer

Entola Valtteri

Valtteri Entola

Digital Marketing Specialist

Fred Tero

Tero Fred

Senior Service Designer

Grandell Niko

Niko Grandell

Chief Operating Officer

Hack Vesa

Vesa Hack

Head of Design

Halminen Johannes

Johannes Halminen

SEM & Analytics Specialist

Harvala Katja

Katja Harvala

Art Director / Concept Designer

Heino Toni

Toni Heino


Kangas Noora

Noora Kangas

Copywriter / Concept Designer

Kankare Eija

Eija Kankare

Senior Service Manager

Kantanen Antti

Antti Kantanen

Service Manager

Kokko Julius

Julius Kokko

Head of Content & Digital

Korpela Johannes

Johannes Korpela

Technical Specialist

Kortesniemi Aki

Aki Kortesniemi

Lead Consultant

Kovanen Vesa

Vesa Kovanen

Lead Consultant

Laakso Pete

Pete Laakso

Vice President

Laakso Jari

Jari Laakso

Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

Laine Johannes

Johannes Laine

Senior Digital Marketing Specialist

Lepistö Tomi

Tomi Lepistö

Web Developer

Lindfors Kristina

Kristina Lindfors

Business Development Strategist

Montonen Tiia

Tiia Montonen

Digital Marketing Specialist

Mulari Milla

Milla Mulari

Copywriter / Concept Designer

Muuri Tommi

Tommi Muuri


Nirhamo Mikko

Mikko Nirhamo

Head of iCX

Nuutinen Johanna

Johanna Nuutinen

Art Director / Concept Designer

Palosaari Terhi

Terhi Palosaari

Art Director / Concept Designer

Rantanen Ville

Ville Rantanen

Copywriter / Concept Designer

Ruottinen Mika

Mika Ruottinen

Art Director / Concept Designer

Siltala Laura

Laura Siltala

Senior Designer

Ström Victor

Victor Ström

Service & UX/UI Designer

Sunell Noora

Noora Sunell

Service Designer

Vartio Antti

Antti Vartio

Lead UX Designer

Zenjuga Hanne

Hanne Zenjuga

Senior Visual and UX Designer

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Avalon has always been known for strong technological know-how, customer focus and effective creative design.