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E-Invoicing instructions

updated 07.12.2023

Dear valued partner,

Please send your invoices directly to Digia Finland Oy’s e-invoicing address:

  • Digia Finland Oy 1091248-4
  • VAT number: FI10912484
  • E-invoice address: 003710912484
  • Operator ID: BAWCFI22

If you are unable to use e-invoicing, please send your invoice to our scanning service in PDF format (please include the invoice and all attachments in one pdf file).

Address for email invoices: digia.finland@bscs.basware.com

  • You can send several invoices in a single email. Every invoice must be a separate file attachment. No two files should have the same name.
  • The maximum size for a single email message is 10 Mb.
  • The PDF files must be genuine PDF documents (PDF version 1.3 or newer).
  • PDF files should not be locked or password protected.
  • The document measurements cannot exceed 210 x 297mm.
  • The file names can only contain normal characters a-z, A-Z and 0-9. Please do not use special characters to name the files.
  • The email content should be left blank as only PDF attachments will be processed. Please note that even a picture (such as company logo) in the signature can prevent invoice from processing.

Please note:

  • Always include the name of the person who commissioned the work in your invoice.
  • We require payment terms of 30 days.
  • We are unable to process invoices sent by mail.