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A brand that is memorable and appeals to the target audiences helps your company, its services and products to stand out. A consistent brand experience is also an important part of developing and utilising the customer experience as an engine for business growth.


A brand is more than a logo and a slogan

A brand is the sum of ideas, values and associations people have about your company, its products, or services. With skilled design we can guide their thought towards positive associations.

Based on your company's business strategy, vision, mission and values, we can create a brand strategy that helps you stands out from the competition. We formulate core messages, such as a customer promise and slogan, that appeal to your target group. When necessary, we can design a new logo and refresh the visual appearance of your brand.

We reach the best results if we begin by performing customer research. Knowing the target audience thoroughly also creates a good foundation for continuous marketing communications and growth marketing.

A strong brand strategy lasts for years

We recommend re-branding for companies whose brand has developed organically over the years and no longer matches the business goals or target audience.

Message clarification is useful for companies that have difficulty identifying and communicating their strengths in a systematic way or distinguishing company messages from product messages.

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