Upthrust, challenges and the joy of free fall! Avalon’s collaboration with Fööni began in the summer of 2018. The wind tunnel operating at the Redi shopping centre was opened the following September, and a successful launch implemented in collaboration with Avalon paved the way to a steadily growing stream of visitors.



Premise and goals

The main goal at the end of 2018 was to launch Fööni in a memorable style and to create a solid base and strategy for ongoing, business-boosting marketing.

Implementation and solutions

For the launch and opening, Avalon planned TV and radio campaigns as well as digital displays placed around Helsinki. The campaigning, management and keyword advertising of all of Fööni’s social media channels kick-started at the same time. For the opening, Fööni’s website got a slight visual facelift, a technical SEO and a light content upgrade.

In the aftermath of the launch, we focused on creating and implementing a comprehensive marketing plan and social media strategy.

Fööni’s marketing follows the annual calendar, with due consideration for the seasons and holidays. Avalon has implemented numerous successful multimedia campaigns. We are also responsible for Fööni’s printed materials as well as the signs and other promotional materials found on Fööni’s premises.

Our partnership with Fööni is ongoing and we are actively developing our operations in our weekly shared meetings on the basis of our campaign analyses and collected data.

Avalon has provided some social media training to the staff of Hangaari Café/restaurant operating in connection with Fööni. We have also created a light content upgrade and a tailored social media strategy for Hangaari.




The September launch and opening were successful beyond our wildest dreams. Fööni’s annual sales target is EUR 2.5–3 million. The first million was already reached in December 2018, when Fööni had only been open for three months! This great result was boosted by a TV advert in December, which received a lot of positive feedback and increased the customer flow. By early 2019, more than ten thousand people have already had a go at flying in Fööni.

A more comprehensive website revamp with a strong emphasis on the visuals was carried out at the turn of the year 2018/2019. Its end result can be admired here. Thanks to the continuous marketing, Fööni has received a steady stream of indoor skydivers during the off-season as well.

In addition to the number of customers, the campaigns have improved awareness of Fööni greatly.

Oulun Energia

Oulun Energia renewed its range of consumer electricity products. Avalon created a successful marketing concept and launch campaign to support it.


Canon Kaffegram

Everybody loves pictures of dogs! This was our idea when we launched a photography campaign together with our long-term client Canon and photographer Harri Tarvainen. 


Levi Ski Resort

Levi Ski Resort wanted to develop its digital customer experience. We revamped the digital package, utilising technologies that were already in use at Levi.


3 step it

The cornerstones of our comprehensive partnership are streamlined content production and digital processes that make up an efficiently-functioning marketing programme utilising automation.



Liftoff and the joy of free fall! We helped to successfully launch the free flight tunnel, bringing in a steadily growing stream of visitors and activities that boost business.


Spectral Engines

The success story got a flying start as we helped develop a strong brand identity for Spectral Engines and introduced a new way of marketing and reaching its target groups.