Guided by a deep understanding
of human needs

We implement marketing comprehensively from brand development to sales enablement and the development of digital services. 
In order to deliver meaningful experiences, we step into the customers’ shoes.


 The ICOM Network is where we reach out in international assignments. Made up of independent advertising agencies across the globe, the network covers 95% of the world’s markets. Read more > 




Avalon's collaboration with Levi Ski Resort started in the spring of 2018 and focused on digital customer experience. It continues Avalon’s long tradition of forming partnerships with different organisations in the Levi area.


Oulu Energia | Miljöö

Oulu Energia wants to improve the world with good ideas and concrete actions. Avalon had the honor of conceptualizing and marketing the innovation grant worth one million euros.

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Kotimaanapu / Charity in Finland

We helped implement the 2021 Christmas Fundraiser with the goal of finding new donors and staying top of mind with existing donors.

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Canon | Virtual event for process and data management

We helped Canon implement its annual customer event as an online event for the first time, with successful results.

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iLOQ | Short video campaign

We planned a short social media video campaign for iLOQ in the spring of 2021 to increase iLOQ's visibility in the Finnish, Swedish, German and French markets.

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iLOQ | Case Dormagen

To increase brand awareness in the German market we implemented a social media and PR campaign based on a customer reference: the city of Dormagen.

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iLOQ | Kimi's Keys to Success

We made iLOQ's brand ambassador, the Formula 1 star Kimi Räikkönen jump into a pool and drive around the Swiss mountains. But why?

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Computers for All

The "Kaikille kone" (Computers for All) campaign gathers donated computers for schoolchildren. In 2020, we were in charge of the messages and visuals, as well as coordinated the marketing efforts.

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Jussin Pyöräpiste

A bicycle and small machine specialty store that relied on traditional advertising in local newspapers wanted to boldly renew its marketing with Avalon.


Avalonin helped to improve the usability of Alertum's website and renewed its appearance in connection with the change of publishing system.

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We helped add colour to Antelli's autumn. We planned a new delicious marketing campaign for each month in the second half of 2019.

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Easymove wanted to unify its brand into a holistic wellness service provider. Avalon implemented an extensive brand renewal within a tight schedule.

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Pölkky | Partnership

The comprehensive partnership started with a brand renewal. Read how the brand reform was implemented and the cornerstones of marketing were put in order.

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3stepIT | Walk the Talk

We designed a joint social media video campaign for the Group's Nordic offices as part of the environmental responsibility project.

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The municipality of Kempele

The municipality of Kempele wanted to promote tourism and asked Avalon to design a unique visual brand identity under the Visit Kempele theme.

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3stepIT | Partnership

The cornerstones of the partnership are strategic content production, streamlined digital processes and an efficient marketing automation programme.


Spectral Engines

The international story of Spectral Engines got off to a flying start when Avalon built a strong brand and a new way to market and reach target groups to support the success of the growth company. 


Oulun Energia

Oulun Energia renewed its range of consumer electricity products. Avalon created a successful marketing concept and launch campaign to support it.


Canon | Kaffegram

Everybody loves pictures of dogs! This was our idea when we launched a photography campaign together with our long-term client Canon and photographer Harri Tarvainen. 



Buzz and fuss and the joy of a freefall! A successful launch paved the way for growing user streams and created a solid base for marketing the growing business. 



We developed a marketing plan that included a website redesign and channel-specific execution in digital as well as traditional media.



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