Forerunner of comprehensive sports and rehabilitation services – Building a concise brand entity

A family business based in the Oulu region wanted to unite their two companies under a common brand as a modern, comprehensive supplier of sports, rehabilitation and wellness services. Avalon carried out an extensive rebranding project in a tight schedule and close cooperation with the customer, from message clarification and new visual appearance to digital channels, mobile application and TV commercial.

Premise and goals

Liikuntakeskus Zemppi (a rec centre) and Fysiopalvelu Easymove (a physiotherapy centre) are members of the same family business operating in the Oulu region in Finland. The entrepreneurs wanted to unite these two businesses under a common brand and create a comprehensive, modern service provider to the sports and wellness sector.



Implementation and solutions

Avalon carried out the Easymove rebranding project in a tight schedule during spring 2019. First, the new name for the comprehensive service provider was decided. Easymove, already familiar from their physiotherapy service, was selected in its simplest form, since it already is well known in the area.

The message clarification process defined the target groups, strengths, unique selling points and customer benefits for the new service entity. As a result of the message clarification process, a corporate identity and brand were formed to guide everything in the rebranding project.  

Visual appearance was created for the new brand, with an extensive portfolio of marketing materials expressing the new brand identity. These included brochures, forms, presentation templates, business cards, advertisement templates and roll ups, just to name a few. New signs and window clings were designed for the facilities to express the new brand right from the launch.

A new website and a mobile app were designed and build for the new brand. WordPress and Google training sessions were held with the customer in order for them to be able to manage their digital channels independently for the most part.

A brand launch plan was created in cooperation with the customer. Special attention was given to communications with their existing customers. For example, the rec centre customers were already a community that identifies itself with its name (earlier “Zemppi”). This community was involved in the inner circle of communications before the big launch. The launch plan also included a TV commercial and a video for social media channels, which were both produced by Avalon.




The rebranding has received positive feedback from both Easymove’s personnel and customers. The visual change in their facilities is fresh and supports the new brand. The brand entity is distinct, and their customers have found the new website and social media channels in great numbers.

The entrepreneurs have found the new brand as authentic and genuine, and are satisfied with the results of the rebranding project. Earlier they had to run two separate brands and businesses, so the new united brand has made their work easier and simpler. The seamless cooperation between their different services under the same brand also keeps the customer with the selected service provider on their buying journey, as they get all services in sports, rehabilitation and wellbeing from the same, familiar brand.

The new concise brand entity has helped especially B2B sales that earlier experienced difficulties being mixed up with other similar service providers operating nearby. The new Easymove brand is distinguishable and attractive for e.g. B2B customers interested in recreation days and other corporate events.


Cooperation with the Avalon team was very fluent. The rebranding project was carried out coherently. It had clear steps that made my work easier in the rebranding project. The new brand feels very natural to me, and I haven’t felt the need to second-guess any of the decisions made in this process. I’m very relieved and satisfied with the new brand,” says Marisa Rakennuskoski, the entrepreneur and sport services manager at Easymove, expressing her gratitude.


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